Saturday, July 6, 2024

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Buy Your Precious Metals From Actual Patriots Who Love This Country

Ira BershatskyAre you buying precious metals from someone who believes in “America First”? You should be. The best kept secret in the precious metals industry is that many “American” companies donate heavily to Democrats and often work with proxies of the Chinese Communist Party.

The reason JD Rucker at America First Report endorses us is because we are 100% dedicated to helping Americans through these tough economic times. But it’s not just our patriotic duty. It also makes financial sense. We support freedom because freedom is not only essential, but it also advances capitalism in favor of American citizens. If you are a patriotic American, you have every reason to give us a shot.

Precious metals are historically the most reliable and safest hedge against economic turmoil. With Joe Biden and the Democrats making a mess of an already chaotic financial situation, it’s important for patriotic Americans to take control of their financial future with physical precious metals, rollover IRAs, and properly hedged investment portfolios.

Ira Bershatsky offers consultations to those who want to invest in precious metals. You will not talk to a telemarketer or sales rep. You will talk to a true expert in precious metals with decades of experience helping people protect and advance their wealth.

You will talk to the owner of the company.

Ira has worked for and with other precious metals companies in the past. Unscrupulous business practices compelled him to launch a customer-service-oriented company that offers the same products the “big boys” offer without the hassle of going through the sales grinder.

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