Wednesday, July 10, 2024

The Biden Regime and Globalists Don’t Want You Owning Precious Metals

Look around. Things aren’t the way they should be. Between Pandemic Panic Theater, Ukraine, food shortages, and a push for Central Bank Digital Currencies, everything you’ve spent your life building and protecting is in jeopardy.

Precious metals are historically the most reliable and safest hedge against economic turmoil. With the Biden regime and globalists enhancing the chaos, it’s important for patriotic Americans to take control of their financial future.

Ira Bershatsky offers consultations to those who want to invest in precious metals. During these consultations, he will match your current financial situation with the best physical precious metal purchases whether you want to rollover your IRA or have coins discreetly shipped to your home. You will not talk to a telemarketer or sales rep. You will talk to a true expert in precious metals with decades of experience helping people protect and advance their wealth.

Fill out the form here and we will schedule a precious metals consultation with Our Gold Guy, Ira.

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Precious Metals Work for You

Instability in the stock market. Uncertainty in crypto. Economic turmoil through the lockdown recovery.

These things and more are driving more people towards precious metals. One does not have to think the end of the world is near (though it seems like that’s the case sometimes) to realize that precious metals should be a significant part of everyone’s portfolio.

Whether you’re building wealth, protecting it, or securing your retirement, our experts can help you navigate the precious metals market with excellent prices and incredible customer service. We’re not one of the “big guys.” We’re just YOUR guys.

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Endorsed by Conservative JD Rucker

You probably haven’t heard of JD Rucker. That’s okay. Neither had I. But when I listened to his podcast and examined his website, I thought it was conspicuous he did not have a precious metals company as a sponsor.

His reason: He didn’t like any of them. He’d been approached by several and declined for one reason or another. This is why we are so proud to have his endorsement. He vetted us and other companies for nearly six months before selecting us as “his” gold guys.

He picked us to do handle his precious metals purchases because we demonstrated the qualities he sought. Contact us and let us help you make the same decision he made. Just fill out the form and we’ll email or call you at your convenience.

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